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Preferred Cash Loans

How to get Your Budget Working for You

You might think saving is outside of the realm of possibility for you because, well, you're broke.

But savings are the best buffer against a dependency on preferred cash loans, also called advances, so check out these ways to save even when money's tight.

  1. Housing - If you own a home and have a mortgage that's over a year old, you might consider refinancing. Rates are at all-time lows, so you could save a bundle. If you rent, think about moving to a smaller apartment or finding a roommate.
  2. Automotive - Refinancing your auto loan might also save you some money. To avoid paying exorbitant gas prices, consider investing in a more fuel-efficient vehicle, think about a carpool, or take public transportation. Raising your deductibles and eliminating collision coverage (only if you drive an old car with minimal cash value) can help you save on insurance.
  3. Phone - The long-distance industry is highly competitive these days, so shop around. You might also be better off just buying long-distance cards or using a cell phone when you want to make such calls.
  4. Credit card debt - This is another source of savings and a potential means of avoiding preferred cash loans. Don't waste your money on paying many high-interest cards. Consolidate these debts with a balance transfer to a lower-rate card or with a debt consolidation loan.
  5. Food - Buying in bulk is always more expensive in the short-term, but the long-term savings can give you just what you need to stay away from preferred cash loans. Try buying non-perishable items, such as toilet paper, canned goods, etc., in bulk. You can even go in on these items with a friend or neighbor to reduce the cost even further. Be cautious, though-if you don't consume in bulk, don't buy in bulk. Perishables especially can go bad before you can consume them.
  6. Pay yourself first - It's trite but true. Make savings the first "bill" you pay each month, and you will begin to build a reservoir on which you can rely instead of preferred cash loans.

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